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How it works

FetchFox is an AI powered web scraper. It takes the raw text of a website, and uses AI to extract data the user is looking for. It runs as a Chrome Extension, and the user describes the desired data in plain English.

You can use FetchFox to quickly gather data like building a list of leads, assembling research data, or scoping out a market segment.

By scraping raw text with AI, FetchFox lets you circumvent anti-scraping measures on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Even the the most complicated HTML strucures are easy to parse for FetchFox.

Three easy steps to scrape anything

1) Install the extension
Install our extension from the Chrome Web Store. After installing, make sure to add your OpenAI key to enable access to ChatGPT.
2) Configure your scrape
Create a new scraping job and type in the data you want to extract. Plain English works, for example: "What is this person's job title?"
3) Scrape the data
Visit the pages you want to scrape, and click the extension once per page. When you're done, download a CSV for later use


LinkedIn Scrape
QuestionFetchFox Answer
What is this person's name?John Smith
What is this person's current employer?LinkedIn
What is this person's job title?Software Engineer
Summarize work experience in 5 wordsBackend development, machine learning, data infrastructure
GitHub Scrape
QuestionFetchFox Answer
What is the name of this project?django
Summarize what this does in 5 words or lessPython web framework with ORM
What programming language(s) are used?Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Shell, Smarty
How many stars does this repo have?73.8k
Twitter Scrape
QuestionFetchFox Answer
What is the Twitter username?elonmusk
How many followers?161.8M
What is this account's pinned tweet?š¯•¸ as humanityā€™s collective consciousness
FetchFox was built by CodeGophers
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